Thursday, July 7, 2011

All-American cookout treat

What a great day to have, yesterday our company serves an all-American cookout for the first 5,000 employees, our very own senior leaders and managers will be serving burgers and sausages in line with the celebration of July 4th independence day in the U.S.

Since only first 5,000 employees will be given the treat we must rush to the 23rd floor (penthouse) as the venue of the event. I work at the 9th floor, and we need to take the bungling elevator going to the 23rd level. My other teammates are already on their way but hesitant to go on when they saw a number of overwhelming people going there as well.

My other teammates (our group) are tough and determined to make it, so we make a way to avoid the pack and manage to get to the place, but it’s not over yet the line was so lengthy and we don’t know where to start. We look and ask on where the line is but no one knows, maybe their busy keeping their line, thank god finally we found the correct line we found it on our own.

While on the line I was amaze with the view under. The golf course, building, parks, and different infrastructure, all was worth to sight.

At the end of the line a staff member stamp a mark on our palm indication that we will be having our free burger and sausage, whew after a long wait finally a chow for us.

To our bosses thanks for the wonderful treat.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It’s like war at home

I and my wife are distress, our kids we’re not following instructions and outcry is normal at home, neighbors are hush except at night.

I have 3 kids eldest is four years old next is 2 years old and last was 1 year old. Distance of age and lack of space was the main concern. We’re aware of the situation and gazing for solution, difficulty seems to be without end and health is at risk due to restless nights.

Though they bring happiness and inspiration to both of us, we can’t enjoy the moment because of the overwhelming stress. I know what to do and I was the only one that has the capability to do it, but as of now I couldn't. I wish I can, I wish for happy life.

I know in right time everything will be okay.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Declining Numbers In Catholic Church Wedding

Catholic marriages expect to jump down this year, numbers we’re expected to drop from 177,940 to just 166,000 for 2011. This maybe because Filipinos now a day were marrying at a later age and some couples would want for a civil marriage rather than of having a grand church wedding.

Continue reading at for more wedding news.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Facebook Discplacing Yahoo On Online Ads

Facebook has captured the top ranking, David Hallerman an eMarketer analyst said on the whole advertise for flaunt ads, which comprise poster ads, video ads and Web page funding, is growing strongly enough that makes numerous companies do good.

It’s not a figure game, noting that the present promotion market is experiencing fast growth as both global brands and small, most companies more and more turn to the web to reach their target consumers.

Wow facebook is truly full of tricks, their getting a lot of curiosity from all walks of life even the old ones are using facebook even brood are using it now. Internet is really a booming industry and these companies are maximizing their resources with facebook.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don’t want to experience a romantic haze

Every so often some bigheaded young friend will crow, you’ll never catch me going out of control over some stupid girl or guy. I won’t ever dash around in a romantic haze. I’m in no way going to do something like an obsessed puppy dog!

We smile with intent to ourselves. That’s what you believe we whisper under our mouthful of air. Just pass the time. Sooner or later your time will arrive!

And needless to say, it does. In the end that person gets a bad taste from the love bug. He or she goes something like in misty surprise-close the eyes to friends, disregard school or job, and hitting into benches in the physical education building. At that moment nobody but the mainly faithful of true friends is able to defy the evil push for to say, I told you so.

Very soon how to be expected is it that It will turn out to you, as well forecast will appear true.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Faithful dog still waiting for his deceased master..